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Belluss Rex Kapsül Kahve Makinası

Success doesn’t come by chance. Innovation, Research and Quality are the fundamental components of Natribom’s culture which have allowed it to create unique products destined for the home or the office. Together with another essential value: “Made in Italy” which distinguishes all its products.

Belluss Medi Electronic Capsules Coffee Machine

The Medi Electronic is a stylish and versatile machine with chrome details and a brushed metal handle. The capacious capsule holder allows for a higher consumption of coffee.

• Power : 1000W
• Tank Capacity: : 1.3L
• Electronic, Dosed selection: Short and Long Coffee
• 18-bar Vibrating Pump
• Double chromed grills
• Brushed Metal Lever
• Electronic Temperature Control
• Drawer-full Lamp
• Semi-automatic Capsule Discharge
• Empty Capsules Drawer Capacity : 25
• Suitable for all FAP Capsules (ca. Ø 36mm)

Dimensions : 16.5 * 26.5 * 33 cm

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